IdentiBrick™ Baseplate

Crystal clear toy brick baseplate for use with the IdentiToy™ iOS App and Android App. Compatible with the most popular 8 mm stud spacing toy bricks.

Height: 9.45 in
Width: 6.3 in

$9.99 Introductory Price!

Shipping:$2.99 Domestic
$9.99 International

Bring your toy brick building experience to the next level! The trans-clear baseplate can create any image or color beneath it. Need a gray baseplate or a green baseplate? It's just a click away. A water scene with a blue building plate? No problem! Building plates with painted images can be replaced by the IdentiToy baseplate with a custom landscape running on a Tablet PC below.

The image that shines through the building plate consists of a background image and a foreground image. The background image can be a solid color such as grey, blue, pink, or green or a texture such as asphalt, sand, or grass. Foreground images can be beach umbrellas, bushes, railroad tracks, and more. Go beyond traditional green or blue baseplates! IdentiToy - A New Way to Play!